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With a mission of advancing clean energy innovation to combat climate change and improve the health and resiliency of New Yorkers, NYSERDA offers various incentive payout programs for new construction and rehabilitation projects to decrease their carbon footprints. Through improved envelope insulation, high efficiency HVAC, air sealing, renewable energy implementation, and more, NYSERDA provides developers with the resources to seek out newer innovative technologies with technical assistance to meet project goals.


As an official NYSERDA Multifamily Building Solutions Provider, KOW can assist your new construction and rehabilitation developments to achieve financial incentives for meeting energy savings targets. In addition to the base NYSERDA programs, we can also hold charrettes to determine any other NYSERDA programs your buildings may be eligible for, including but not limited to:


Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (AMEEP): Offers support to affordable multifamily buildings with 5 or more units looking to make their existing buildings more energy efficient: $900-$2000 per unit.


Flexible Technical Assistance Program (FlexTech): Offers cost-shared technical services to identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs: 50% of study cost. In addition, for projects that focus on building electrification or electrification-readiness.


Low Carbon Capital Planning (LCCP): The program offers an enhanced cost-share support through the FlexTech program of up to 75% of the study cost.


NYS Clean Heat Program: Aims to build market capacity to deliver building electrification solutions designed for space and water heating via heat pumps: incentives vary based on region and system size.


Solar Program (NY-Sun): Incentives to make solar energy more accessible and affordable to New Yorkers, while educating owners on their solar options.


Buildings of Excellence: A competition that recognizes and rewards the design, construction, and operation of very low or zero carbon emitting multifamily buildings, improving quality of life and profitability. Winning projects are awarded up to $1 million.

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