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Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Site Assessment process in which KOW will make a site observation and review all reasonably ascertainable information and records. Based on this information, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report will be prepared that will contain a Property Description, User Provided Information, Environmental Records Review, Site Reconnaissance observations and a Summary of Interviews Conducted as to meet CERCLA liability requirements and all appropriate inquiries.

  • ASTM Phase 1

  • Environmental Transaction Screens

  • Desktop Reviews

  • HRD Reports

  • HRDR Reports

  • Custom Scope

Operations and Maintenance Plans

  • Lead Based Paint

  • Mold and Moisture Management

  • Asbestos Containing Materials

Professional Environmental Certifications

Below is an ever-growing list of the professional certifications our inspectors have to ensure we are doing the best job possible on your projects. We recognize the environmental landscape in the building industry is constantly evolving, so we must do the same to better serve you.

  • Professional Engineer

  • ASTM Phase 1 and 2 Training Certified

  • Commercial Mold Inspector

  • ACM 24 Hour Certified

  • Certified Lead Based Paint Subcontractor

  • NYC Health Homes Certified

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